Flyer for 2019 Dog Gone Pool Party

Dog Gone Pool Party Registration Form

The Dog-Gone Pool party is moving to Memorial Pool!

Due to changes in the State Health Department guidelines for dog-pool events, we can no longer use the Splash Pad at Marathon Park. We will be holding one dog-gone party this summer, after the swim season is over, at Memorial Pool, 500 Memorial Park Road, Wausau WI 54403. Changes related to the new State guidelines are as follows:

  • Humans cannot enter the water with their dogs; this includes no wading in shallows
  • Children under the age of 13 will not be allowed into the event
  • Each dog must have proof of current vaccinations (paper or tags only - no screen shots
  • Dogs under 10 pounds are not allowed due to fencing issues
  • Unvaccinated dogs will not be allowed (this includes puppies)
  • Aggressive dogs will not be allowed in, or to stay once they demonstrate aggressive behavior
  • Dogs with open wounds or those that have demonstrated runny stools or other signs of illness during two weeks prior to the event are not allowed
Day Date Location Times Fees
Sunday August 25, 2019 Memorial Pool
500 Memorial Park Road
Wausau WI 54403




$10 per adult for each 2 hour time session
Must be at least ages 13 years old to attend