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Bitzke Waterfowl Refuge:

This area was designated as a Waterfowl Refuge in 1985 by the Department of Natural Resources. There are five major earthen dams providing open water for a host of various songbirds, waterfowl, deer, turkey and beavers.

The trail system is approximately 2.0 miles and will take you along the waterfowl flowages. There are six interpretive displays along the trail and an observation tower to give you a full overall view of the refuge. The trails are open year round and the public is required to stay on the marked trail from September 1 to November 15, due to the refuge status. Hunting is also prohibited from September 1 to November 15.

Bitzke Waterfowl Refuge Trails (83kb PDF)

Pair of Canadian Geese


Marshland and water mix at Bern Wetland

Bern Wetland:
This is our smallest forest unit, located in the far NW corner of the county, west of the village of Athens. This unit is 269 acres and is managed cooperatively with the Department of Natural Resources for waterfowl production. Over 50% of this unit is either open water or marshland. It is surrounded primarily by aspen, which is being managed for a host of songbirds as well as grouse/woodcock. There is a parking area in the SE corner of the unit at the intersection of Frahm and Dawson Rd.

Bern Wetland Forest Unit Map (43kb PDF)


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