Multi-Purpose Building #1 and # 2 at Marathon Park, 1201 Stewart Ave, Wausau are converted to indoor ice from mid to late September to the beginning of March annually.  There is no ice at Marathon Park March through mid-September.  These sheets of ice can be rented for organized hockey or figure skating events.  There are also designated public skating hours each season.  Skates are also available to rent at the facilities.

Private Ice Information:

To reserve available ice at Marathon Park, please go to the GymDandy website below.   Ice rental directly at the Arena is not available.  Ice rentals must be made a minimum of 3 days in advance of use.  Reservations for ice time is generally made available after September 1st each year.

Private Ice Rental Rates Prime Time Rates Non-Prime Time Rates
Multi Purpose Building #1 $162.98/Hour $112.68/Hour
Multi Purpose Building #2 $112.68/Hour



Prime Time Rates for Multi-Purpose Building #1 apply during the following times:

  • Monday through Friday, 4pm - 10pm
  • Saturday, all hours facility is open
  • Sunday, opening until 9pm

Non-Prime Time Rates for Multi-Purpose Building #1 rink apply all other times.  Non-Prime Time Rates apply at all times at Multi-Purpose Building #2 rink.


Public Ice Information:

Public Skating Fees:
Individual Skating Fee-Youth - (17 and younger) $2.00
Individual Skating Fee - Adult $3.00
Season Pass - Youth and Adult $70.00
Bonus Card Youth (Good for 10 Sessions) $15.00
Bonus Card - Adult (Good for 10 Sessions) $25.00
School Groups (11am to 1pm only) $2.00
Skate Rental per pair per skating Session** $3.00
One of two Indoor ice arenas at Marathon Park

**Skates are not allowed to leave the premises.  Rental skate sizes range from a child size 10 to an adult size 13. There are approximately 70 pairs of skates. They are all single blade (no double blade skates for the kids). The majority of the skates are in the size range of 4-8.

Noon Hour Public Skating Hours From Monday, Oct. 1, 2018 to March 8, 2019:

  • Monday - Friday, 11 am to 1 pm

Wednesday Evening and Sunday afternoon Public Skating Hours From Wednesday, October 17, 2018 to Wednesday, February 20, 2019:

  • Wednesday Evenings, 7 - 9 pm
  • Sunday Afternoons, 2 - 5 pm

Exceptions: Wednesday, October 31 there is no public skate from 7p-9p.  Sunday, December 2 there is no public skate from 2p-5p.  The above hours do not apply during the school vacation public skating hours that are listed below.

Exceptions:  Public skating may be canceled from time to time due to schedule conflicts or special events.  Advance notice will be posted at the indoor rinks.


School Vacation Public Skating Hours:
2018-2019 dates and hours.

Thursday, November 22 Closed
Friday, November 23 Closed
Sunday, December 23 2-5 pm
Monday, December 24 Closed
Tuesday, December 25 Closed
Wednesday, December 26 2 - 4 pm
Thursday, December 27 2 - 4 pm
Friday, December 28 2 - 4 pm
Saturday, December 29 2 - 4 pm
Sunday, December 30 Closed
Monday, December 31 1 - 3 pm
Tuesday, January 1 3 - 5 pm

Normal Schedule resumes on Wednesday, January 2, 2019,
Last public weekend skating session is Sunday February 17 2019

The indoor rinks will never close due to cold temps. MPB #1 is heated and MPB #2 has an infrared heater which provides minimal heat.

Link to the City of Wausau Outdoor Ice Rinks