2017-2018 Marathon County Snowmobile Maps

Entire County Map This Little Brown Sign Could Save Your Life
Trail Map

intersection number signMarathon County Snowmobile Clubs have placed brown, 3 digit number signs throughout the County at key intersections.

In the event of an emergency, the 911 dispatcher will ask you for this number. Their emergency response system can identify these numbers and give important information to rescue personnel.

So pay attention to these intersection number signs.
They can save lives!

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The 2017-2018 snowmobile maps are printed and available at the Park Office.  Contact the Park Office, ph 715.261.1550, to request a new 2017-2018 Snowmobile map.  The PDF and JPG versions of the new map are posted above.

Trailering your sleds to Marathon County?  Here is a link to Park and Ride Snowmobile Locations to access Marathon County trails