Civil Process Fees


Fees for the service of civil process are set by State Statute unless otherwise established by the County Board.

In 2010, the Marathon County Board established, pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 814.70, new fees for the service of civil process as follows:

A deposit of seventy five dollars ($75.00) shall be paid at the time the papers are accepted for service. Note that the $75.00 fee is PER person or business to be served.

Said fee will cover three (3) attempts and includes the mileage. If the papers are not served within the three attempts, the plaintiff may be contacted and charged another $75.00 for more attempts if he/she wishes to continue. A self-addressed envelope should be enclosed for return of papers to the party requesting service of process.

RUSH SERVICE FEE: is any papers that need to be served within 48 hours of our receiving them. This would be instead of the usual fee listed above. There is no guarantee of successful service.  This new fee is one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00). This fee is double the usual service fee and will help cover time spent on special handling.

Writs: Replevins, Evictions, Executions, Assistance:  These are the most time consuming papers and the new fee is one hundred dollars ($100.00). Writs can only be acted upon “by the sheriff”. These services require significant research and may require a bond.  They may often result in additional “stand-by” charges.

Exceptions: An indigent person is an exception. The indigent person must have a current waiver of fees from the court of jurisdiction.

Temporary restraining orders and injunctions may be exempt from a service fee, depending on the basis of the order (i.e. domestic, child abuse, elder abuse)

Governmental agencies within Wisconsin may be billed at the time of service.

Sheriff's Sales fees total one-hundred fifty dollars ($150.00), seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for the posting and seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for the sale itself.

In the event that a deputy is required to standby during investigative time, property seizures, evictions, assistance, executions, etc., the rate will be sixty dollars ($60.00) per hour for regular time and ninety dollars ($90.00) for overtime hours.