Sheriff Sale (Mortgage Foreclosure)

The Sheriff, as outlined in Wisconsin Statute, sells mortgaged property that has been foreclosed.

Sheriff Mortgage Foreclosure Sales are held on Tuesdays of each week beginning at 9am, in Room A136, located at the Sheriff's Office.

If you are a plaintiff or a personal representative and wish to schedule a sale, please contact the Marathon County Sheriff's Office Civil Process Unit at  715-261-1412 between 8am and 4pm weekdays.

The plaintiff must have a representative personally appear to give an opening bid. Once the opening bid is received, the bidding process is open to other bidders who must also personally appear. Anyone can bid on the property. The property goes to the highest bidder. There will be no bids taken by fax, text message, email or phone.

If other bidders are present and wish to bid, they must do so as outlined in the terms and conditions set forth in the Notice of Foreclosure Sale. Bidders must provide personal identification to identify themselves. If the successful bidder is other than the plaintiff, they must provide a deposit as outlined in the terms and conditions set forth in the conditions of the Notice of Foreclosure Sale.  They must have the deposit with them in cash, cashiers check or certified funds, personal checks will not be accepted. The successful bidder will not be allowed to leave and come back with the deposit later that day.  If they do not have the certified funds with them, the property will go to the next highest bidder.

The successful bidder, if other than the plaintiff, will be escorted to the Clerk of Courts Office where the deposit will be collected as the down payment. The amount of the deposit is identified in the terms and conditions set forth in the Notice of Foreclosure Sale. A receipt for the deposit will be provided to the successful bidder by the Clerk of Courts.

Once the property is sold, the Court will hold a Confirmation of Sale hearing at a later date. Successful bidders may contact the Clerk of Courts to determine when the Confirmation of Sale hearing date is scheduled. Bidders may also check the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) via the internet. If the court confirms the sale, the successful bidder must pay the balance of the bid within the specified time period set forth in the terms and conditions of the Notice of Foreclosure Sale or else the successful bidder forfeits their deposit.

After the Court's Confirmation of the Sale, the successful bidder takes possession of the property and becomes the new owner. If the defendant in the Mortgage Foreclosure action occupies the property, and the new owner wishes to remove them, the new owner must obtain a Writ of Assistance which will allow the Sheriff's Department to remove the parties.