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The Marathon County Deputy Sheriff's Benevolent Association (MCDSBA) was created January of 2006. We are a 501c-3 non-profit organization that was created by men and women of the Marathon County Sheriff's Department. Our main goal is to promote a positive relationship within our community.

During our first year of existence, we held our first ever fundraising campaign which was a complete success. Because of the overwhelming support from the community, we have agreed to continue our fundraising campaigns through 2019. The many financial benefactors of our program include Gifts from Heaven, Crime Stoppers, youth sports and many others. One of our main donations, provides for our Scholarship Program that supports Marathon County Students advancing their education.

If you know of any organization that is in need of funds, please notify the Marathon County Sheriff's Department and ask for a MCDSBA Board member. Current members of the Board are President Jason Plaza, Vice President Hannah Borski and Secretary/Treasurer Kelly Hanousek. You may also ask for the three current Trustee's, who are Cory Gladden, Dan Marsolek, and Carl Yaron.