SafeNet Tracking of Marathon County

Sponsored by the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department

SafeNet Tracking Information PDF

….a collaborative effort to help keep your loved ones safe…

SafeNet Tracking's goal is to save lives – by locating missing persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s, children with Autism, persons with developmental disorders or other high risk wanderers.

Individuals enrolled in the program wear a wristband that emits a tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day. When caregivers notify local law enforcement that a person is missing, a specially trained search and rescue team responds to the area and the search begins using the mobile tracking system. Search times are reduced from hours and days to an average time of less than 30 minutes. This system not only saves search time and resources, but gives families peace of mind and could ultimately save a life.

As of June, 2009 SafeNet Tracking has been involved in over 1900 searches nationally with a 100% success rate. The program allows wandering and lost individuals to be found within minutes; instead of the dangerous hours and days it often takes to locate missing persons without this technology. This program enables local law enforcement to better serve and protect countless members of our community who are at risk of wandering.


1. Must be a Marathon County resident and,

2. Have a diagnosed condition with a history of wandering


1. An initial assessment is done to determine eligibility

2. Once approved, the enrollment paperwork will be completed and the SafeNet Tracking bracelet will be set up by a Sheriff’s Deputy. Enrollment paperwork can be completed on line at

3. Staff will make monthly visits to ensure equipment is working properly and to change the battery

Marathon County Sheriff's Office Contact: Deputy Brian Campbell - 715-261-1200