The Administrative Division is the headquarters of the Sheriff and Chief Deputy. This division provides the direction, coordination and control necessary to ensure successful accomplishment of the office's mission and vision. The divisions’ staff consists of:


Chief Deputy

Administrative Captain

1 Administrative Coordinator

1 Administrative Services Manager

2 IT Specialists

5 Clerical

1.5 Vehicle Maintenance Specialists

2 Full-Time Court Security Deputies

6 Part-Time Court Security Deputies


Specific functions include, but are not limited to:

•  Budget administration for the entire department

•  Payroll functions for the entire department

•  Policy development

•  Research and long-range planning

•  Management of grant-funded programs

•  Training function - planning, coordination and management


All department records are managed by Sheriff's Administration. Appropriate entries are made into the computer system and required reporting is completed to state and federal agencies.

On a daily basis, the public, District Attorney's office and other police agencies make requests for various types of records. The records are compiled and used for applying for grants, crime analysis, traffic enforcement, public records requests, etc.

Computer Support  

The department has two full-time Computer Support Technicians who are responsible for the oversight and functioning of the office’s computers and software. They monitor and correct records errors, verify and coordinate with the E-911 provider on proper addressing throughout the county, and ensure Dispatch has accurate street data for the entire county - including response obligations for Police, Fire, EMS, and First Responders. They assist users with efficient use of Law Enforcement and general office software, and frequently compile the more complicated data queries and reports needed throughout the department and by external agencies. The Computer Support Technicians also coordinate with the City-County Information Technology Commission for equipment installation and network support for the myriad users within the department.

Court Security

The purpose of these positions is to provide security to the courthouse complex.  These deputies are assigned to courtrooms, perimeter security and general security assignments while the courthouse is open.   In addition to providing additional security at the courthouse, these deputies are utilized as transport officers for the purposes of transporting inmates to and from medical visits as well as to and from other facilities.  This assists in providing a solution to a known safety concern related to unarmed corrections officers transporting inmates outside of the facility and allows for better staffing inside the jail at all times.  Some medical visits are scheduled on certain dates/times to allow for efficient use of the deputies.