The Corrections Division is responsible for the Marathon County Jail (Adult Detention), Juvenile Detention (Secure) and the Juvenile Shelter Home (Non-Secure). The Marathon County Jail is located within the Marathon County Courthouse (500 Forest Street - Wausau, WI 54403). The Marathon Juvenile Facility is located at (7015 Packer Drive - Wausau, WI 54401) and contains both the Juvenile Detention and Shelter Home.

Adult Detention 

The Marathon County Jail serves all law enforcement jurisdictions within Marathon County and also secures inmates who are apprehended for other law enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin and the U.S.

The jail facility opened in 1988. Since then, the jail has undergone major renovations and in 2000, a 120 bed addition was completed. The jail currently has 279 beds.

In addition to the jail, another facet within the auspices of Adult Detention is the Electronic Monitoring Program. It is a jail diversion program which removes minimum risk inmates from the jail and electronically monitors their location while under in-home detention.

Another sub-program of Adult Detention is the Huber Program. The Huber Law allows sentenced inmates to leave the facility for work-release, education and community service. Marathon County inmates may be outside the facility for up to 12 hours per day, six days per week.

Juvenile Detention  

The Secure Detention center is located within the Marathon County Juvenile Facility and is considered a secure placement for juveniles. This is similar to the adult jail. Reasons for being admitted to a secure facility generally include criminal activity. The facility can house up to 20 children ages 10-17 years old, which includes boys and girls.

Juvenile Shelter Home  

The Shelter Home is also located within the Marathon County Juvenile Facility and is considered a non-secure placement for juveniles. This means that children are not locked in and do have some freedom even though there are rules to follow in the structured setting. Children typically are ages 10-17 years old. Reasons for being admitted include abuse and neglect, runaway, uncontrollable, criminal activity, and awaiting placement in a foster home, group home, or residential treatment center. Currently the shelter home can house up to 8 children, which includes boys and girls.