Huber Overview:

Marathon County Courts may order that an offender be considered for work release or “Huber” status, but the Marathon County Sheriff makes the final decision whether an inmate is appropriate for Huber release.

Huber Rules

Huber Work Release Program Employment Agreement

Questions regarding Huber can be directed to the Huber Specialist at 715/261-1797


EMP Overview:

The Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) is an extension of the jail which allows qualified inmates to serve their sentence at home while still under supervision of the Marathon County Jail.  EMP Is a privilege – not a right.  It is an option given to inmates who are rated as MINIMUM on the jail classification system.  This is done to ensure that this privilege is only given to the lowest risk inmates to help protect the community’s safety.

Sentenced individuals interested in EMP will need to complete an application and assessment.  These are used to obtain background information to assist in determining the inmate’s eligibility and overall risk to the community.  After the application and assessment are verified, an EMP Officer will determine if an inmate is accepted for electronic monitoring.  **sentences shorter than 7 days are not EMP eligible

When a decision is made, EMP staff will send a written response.  The individual may need to report to jail before a decision is made.  If an inmate is accepted to EMP, they will be assigned a program level and will have various requirements imposed on them as a condition of the program.  These conditions will include at least one weekly check-in at the jail, drug screening, alcohol testing, and others as determined.  The conditions will vary from inmate to inmate based upon the assessment results.  These conditions are mandatory and necessary to hold the inmate accountable.  The goal is to prevent the inmate from taking advantage of the privilege, and promote successful completion.  However, if the inmate feels the conditions and requirements are too much of a burden, or if they are unable to meet the requirements, they may serve their sentence within the jail.  Inmates unable to abide by the EMP rules will lose the privilege and be returned to the jail for the remainder of their sentence.   Inmates in EMP must follow the same rules as Huber Law in Marathon County Jail.

*Individuals being convicted of OWI 3 or misdemeanor OWI 4 who will be reporting directly to jail upon sentencing may submit an EMP application no sooner than three weeks prior to sentencing.

EMP Application                                  

Questions regarding EMP can be directed to the EMP Office at 715/261-1321

Applications can be returned to:

  • Jail Intake Office – 2nd floor, entrance at corner of 5th St/Washington St
  • Fax: 715/261-4141
  • Email: