After being convicted and ordered to serve a jail sentence, you have 45 days to begin that sentence (unless otherwise ordered).  You must report to the Jail Intake Office, 2nd floor at the 5th St/Washington St entrance, to select a start date and time.  You will be given important paperwork and information regarding your incarceration. 

When you arrive at your scheduled time, there must be no trace of alcohol or illegal drugs in your system.  If you are taking any prescription medications, you must bring the medications in the original container (labeled w/ medication, doctor, dosing instructions, etc).  Not all medications are allowed within the Marathon County Jail; if you have questions regarding your prescription, you may contact the jail Nursing staff prior to your arrival.

If you fail to report for your sentence as scheduled, you may be charged with the crime of “Failure to Report to Jail” (946.425 Wis. Stats.)

Fees for serving a sentence are: $30 First Day Fee, $18 Daily Pay for Stay fee.  You are charged these fees regardless of whether you exercise Huber privileges or not.

See Huber Law/EMP for more detailed information.



If the court orders that you may serve your Marathon County sentence in another county, you must still sign up for a report date at Marathon County Jail.  You must complete a Transfer Request Form, which will be sent to the desired county along with your Judgment of Conviction.  Other counties are under no obligation to accept your sentence, and if they do not, you are expected to report to Marathon County Jail as scheduled.


 If you are convicted in another county, and the judge allows you to transfer to Marathon County Jail, you must complete your Transfer Request at the Jail of the sentencing county.  They will then send your information, along with your Judgment of Conviction, to Marathon County.  Marathon County Jail is under no obligation to accept your sentence, and due to overcrowding, will only consider transfers who qualify for EMP.


Effective July 1, 2010, any individual convicted of an OWI must by state statute have ignition interlock device (IID) installed. This applies to vehicle(s) that are registered or titled in your name or you operate. You must do one of the following within 14 days of your sentencing date:

1. Have the interlock installed
2. Have an exemption from sentencing judge
3. Have vehicle transferred out of your name

4. Junk the vehicle at the Department of Transportation

Failure to comply with this requirement will make you ineligible to exercise Huber privileges.

You must bring in proof of interlock being installed in your vehicle(s) or copy(s) of title transferred or the signed copy of the interlock exemption form.


If an AODA assessment is ordered at sentencing, it must be scheduled or completed prior to reporting to jail.Proof is required.