Dive/Rescue Team

The Marathon County Sheriff's Department Dive/Rescue Team is the only professionally equipped, trained, and experienced public safety dive team in Marathon County . The team provides dive support to all fire and law enforcement agencies in Marathon County . Furthermore, the team fulfills the Sheriff's statutory responsibility to recover bodies and objects in the waters of Marathon County .

The team is comprised of sworn and non-sworn personnel from the Patrol, Investigations and Corrections Divisions. Assignment to the team is voluntary and subject to a selection process. The assignment is outside of a person's regular duties.

The team performs the following functions:

•  Body search and recovery
•  Evidence search and recovery
•  Surface rescue
•  Underwater crime scene investigation
•  Underwater vehicle/object salvage

The team has the following capabilities:

•  All-season, all-weather diving
•  High line diving
•  Current diving
•  Vehicle salvage (up to 1 ton)
•  Completely mobile operations