"Children are our most valuable natural resource." - Herbert Hoover

SOCIAL SERVICES Director, Vicki Tylka, is responsible for services in these areas:

Child Protection:

  • Receives and responds to reports of alleged maltreatment of children
  • Strengthens families, and ensures safety and permanence of children
  • Licenses family foster homes

Juvenile Justice:

  • Receives referrals from law enforcement agencies and schools
  • Responds to delinquent behavior through informal disposition and court involvement

Long Term Support:

  • Provision or arrangement of services for children with disabilities (physical, developmental, mental illness)

Economic Support:

  • Affordable Care Act/The Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Eligibility determination for FoodShare, Medicaid (Badger Care), Kinship Care and Caretaker Supplement
  • Eligibility determination; authorization and certification for Child Care
  • Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP)

Child Support:

  • Establishment of paternity and court orders
  • Locating non-custodial parents for support purposes
  • Monitoring payments and initiating administrative procedures and legal actions to enforce compliance with court orders

Citizen Review Panel:

Marathon County is one of only seven Citizen Review Panels in Wisconsin. The panel, composed of citizen members, supports the delivery of effective and quality child protective services in Marathon County.  The Citizen Review Panel represents the community and consumer point of view.  Click here to learn more. Click here to apply to be a volunteer Citizen Review Panel member.

Raise Great Kids:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Social Services and The Women’s Community:

We recognize our agencies serve common families and each serves additional families who would benefit from the services of our partner agency.  Our purpose in developing and implementing this MOU was to develop a more seamless service environment.  Click here to learn more.


EEO/Civil Rights Information is available online.


"Customer Service is Up to Me!"

Philosophy:  "Customer Service is Up to Me" reflects the reality that how we treat those we serve is up to each of us individually.  We view our co-workers as internal customers and those we serve as external customers.  Whether we consider external customers to be clients, children, youth, or parents, we recognize that excellent customer service is our goal.  This means we exemplify our Core Values when interacting with our customers.  Whether our customers come to us on a voluntary or involuntary basis, we are committed to treating them with dignity and respect; and involve them in their service decisions to the greatest extent possible.  We exist to serve our customers.