Social workers provide comprehensive needs based assessments for families of children with disabilities.  Individuals are connected with appropriate supporting services when available.  Some programs have waiting lists.

Services offered include:

  • Assessment and referral
  • Case management
  • Application for Children's Long Term Support (CLTS Waivers) and Family Support funding



Q: What types of disabilities determine eligibility for Children’s Long Term Support and Family Support funding?
A: Certain diagnoses of developmental disabilities, mental illness and physical disabilities are can determine eligibility.
Q: How do I apply, on behalf of my child with a disability, for Children’s Long Term Support and Family Support funding?
A: To apply for services, please call the department at 715-261-7500 and ask to be connected with General Access. Necessary information regarding your child’s disability will be collected. Next, a social worker will contact you to set up a time to meet to begin the assessment/eligibility process. 
Q: If my child is found eligible for services what happens next?
A: The assessment process can take some time given the volume of requests that come into this agency and the lengthy supporting documentation required to determine eligibility.  At the end of the process, you will be notified if your child is eligible for services and provided resource information if your child is ineligible. There are currently more service requests than available funds, so a wait list exists. If found eligible, your child’s name will be placed on a wait list effective the date the referral first came into this agency.