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County-wide Supervisory District Map (PDF)

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Marathon County now offers online video recordings of County Board Meetings.


Marathon County conducted a survey of residents to determine how important they feel various public services provided by Marathon County government are now and how they feel the county should spend money in the future on these services. The report will be used in conjunction with community leader focus groups’ opinions to develop a strategic plan that will guide Marathon County government for the next 5 years. The 2012 Report, can be viewed here.


The County Board is comprised of 38 elected officials representing the 38 supervisory districts in Marathon County. They are the governing body of the county and function as the policy making and legislative branch of County government.

Each supervisor represents, as nearly as practicable, an equal amount of inhabitants. County supervisors are elected in the spring nonpartisan election for two year terms.   

County Board of Supervisors

Front Row:  David Nutting, Donna Krause, Ka Lo, Ashley Lange, Katie Rosenberg, E.J. Stark, Karen Kellbach, Sandi Cihlar, Rick Seefeldt, Nan Kottke-County Clerk, Kathy Kainz-Assisant County Clerk, Lance Leonhard-Deputy County Administrator
Second Row:  Mary Ann Crosby, Alan Christensen, Maynard Tremelling, Scott Corbett-Corporation Counsel, Brad Karger-County Administrator, Robert Wegner, Randy Fifrick, Sara Guild, Yee Leng Xiong, Jean Maszk
Third Row: Shawn Black, Bill Miller, Alyson Leahy, Kurt Gibbs-County Board Chair, Tim Buttke, Allen Drabek
Fourth Row: Jeff Johnson, Craig McEwen-County Board Vice-Chair, John Robinson, Chris Voll, Richard Gumz, Allen Opall, Gary Beastrom, Romey Wagner, Jim Schaefer

Fifth Row:  Jacob Langenhahn, Arnold Schlei, Jeff Zriny 
Not Pictured: Matt Bootz, John Durham, Thomas Seubert


Marathon County Mission Statement: Marathon County Government serves people by leading, coordinating, and providing county, regional, and statewide initiatives. It directly or in cooperation with other public and private partners provides services and creates opportunities that make Marathon County and the surrounding area a preferred place to live, work, visit, and do business.