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Mission/purpose:  Safe, efficient and economical operation and development of the Central Wisconsin Airport.
Membership:  The Airport Board shall be comprised of seven members, three being Marathon County Board Supervisors, one being a member of the Infrastructure Committee and one being a member of the Extension, Education and Economic Development Committee. The Airport Board is appointed by the County Board Chairperson. 
Duties and responsibilities: Duties and responsibilities include: Pursuant to § 1114.14, Wis. Stats., the Airport Board shall have complete and exclusive control and management over the airport. 
1.     Review and recommend to the Airport Manager leases with airlines, car rental agencies, aircraft hangar tents, restaurant, fixed base operators and other tenants.
2.     Promote air service.
3.     Assure aviation safety.
4.     Procure funding for airport development.
5.     Recommend long-term airport projects.
6.     Develop and recommend a long-range airport plan.
Board Members:

Marathon County: Contact

John Durham

Sara Guild, Vice-Chair

Jeff Zriny

Leonard Bayer (Citizen) len@countryfreshmeats.com

Portage County: Contact

Dave Ladick

James Zdroik, Chair

Lonnie Krogwold (Citizen) 715-824-5600