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Mission / Purpose: The Committee is to review and prioritize capital project requests submitted by committees of the County Board. The CIP committee will assemble those requests into short and long-term capital asset project plans for the review and consideration by the Human Resources, Finance and Property Comittee. These plans, as prepared by or modified by the County Administrator, will be included as part of the County Administrator's initial budget submission to the Human Resources, Finance and Property Committee. (adopted 2008 by the County Board)

Statutory Responsibility: None.

Membership: The committee shall consist of seven (7) members consisting of four (4) County Board Supervisors and three (3) citizen members. The committee will be chaired by a County Board Supervisor who serves on the Human Resources, Finance and Property Committee. Technical support staff will consist of the County Administrator and any administrative staff they assign.

Term: All members are appointed for a two-year term to coincide with the biennial organization of the County Board, appointed by the County Board Chair, and confirmed by the County Board. Committee vacancies will be filled according to County Board Rule 13.

Reporting Relationship: The CIP is a Marathon County subcommittee which reports to the Human Resources, Finance and Property Standing Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Develop and recomend allocation / prioritization guidelines to the Human Resource, Finance and Property Committee for incorporation into the budgetary guidelines to be approved by the Marathon County Board.
  2. Review and rank capital project requests submitted by Marathon County Standing Committees consistent with approved guidelines. (All non-county committee / board / commission requests will be submitted through the appropriate standing committee.)
  3. Develop and provide the County Human Resources, Finance and Property Committee with a Capital Plan that includes the annual priorities and a rolling five year projection, (updated annually) for considered inclusion in the annual budget.
  4. Monitor the progress of and provide regular status updates on, all major capital projects under construction or installation to the Human Resources, Finance and Property Committee of the Marathon County Board.

Other Organizational Relationships: None.

Committee Members:

Supervisor Tim Buttke, Chair
Supervisor Bill Miller
Supervisor Sandi Cihlar
Supervisor Maynard Tremelling
Eric Budleski
Chuck Kornack
Barkley Anderson

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