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Mission/Purpose Statement:   Support Marathon County, the City of Wausau, and North Central Health Care with high quality, cost effective technology that enables them to best meet their public service goals.

Membership: Membership includes the County Board chair or his/her designee and the County Administrator.

Board of Commissioners:  Eight members consisting of: City of Wausau Mayor or designee, City of Wausau Finance Director, Marathon County Board of Supervisors Chairman or designee, Marathon County administrator or Deputy County Administrator, North Central Health Care CEO or designee, North Central Health Care Finance Director and two citizen members from Marathon.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1.    Plan, develop, and evaluate programs for all service groups.
2.    Establish long range goals and intermediate range plans, detailed priorities and estimate costs.
3.    Develop new resources necessary to carry out its purposes.
4.   Appoint a Director of the Commission.
5.    Establish an annual budget and fix the salaries of personnel.
6.    Enter into contracts to render or secure services.
7.    Perform all functions required by applicable law.
8.    Acquire, hold and dispose of property both real and personal.
9.    Cause and independent audit of the books of the Commission.
10.   Purchase public liability insurance as it deems necessary.
11.   Adopt rules and procedures as necessary with regard to its process and actions.
12.  Annual review and adopt a charge back system.


  • Kurt Gibbs, County Board Chair
  • Brad Karger, County Administrator (Secretary)
  • Robert Mielke, City of Wausau Mayor
  • Maryanne Groat, City of Wausau Finance Director
  • Michael Loy, North Central Health Care Facility CEO
  • Brenda Glodowski, North Central Health Care Facility CFO
  • Pat Puyleart, Citizen Member (Chair)
  • John Tubbs, Citizen Member (Vice-Chair)