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Mission / Purpose: The Diversity Affairs Commission exists to achieve racial and ethnic equity and advocate for minority populations throughout Marathon County, foster cross-cultural understanding, and embrace our diversity.

Membership: The Diversity Affairs Commission shall be comprised of seven (7) members appointed by the County Administrator.

Statutory Responsibilities: None.

Term: Members shall serve a two year term concurrent with the terms of the County Board Supervisors.

Reporting Relationship: The Diversity Affairs Commission shall be accountable to the Extension, Education, and Economic Development Standing Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities: Each of the Commission members will function as a leader or co-leader for one of the core strategies of the Commission's Strategic Plan which will be adopted by the County Board. Commission members are responsible for creating and updating its Strategic Plan developed in support of its mission. Commission meetings are an opportunity to coordinate efforts, share information, and request resources by Commission members, who are expected to provide leadership to teams of community leaders, key stakeholders, and residents in moving forward strategic priorities. Examples of strategic priorities are:

  • Expanding visibility of the Diversity Affairs Commission and developing a liaison with new and existing minority groups
  • Fostering diversity leadership that attracts and retains young adults in our communities
  • Promoting equal and fair access to public services
  • Promoting school success for minority group children in the K-12 educational system

Commission Members:

Supervisor Yee Leng Xiong, Chair
Lada Xiong-Vang, Vice Chair
Julia Stavran
Ann Saris
La'Tanya Campbell
Tony Patterson
India Miller