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Committee Type and Reporting Relationship: The Forestry/Recreation Committee is a subcommittee which reports to the Marathon County Environmental Resources Standing Committee.

Mission/ Purpose Statement: The Forestry/Recreation Committee shall have the responsibility to manage and protect the County forests on a sustainable basis for ecological, economic, educational, recreational, and research needs of present and future generations.

Statutory Responsibilities: The Marathon County Forestry and Recreation Committee will follow Chapters 26, 28, 29, 59 and 77 of the Wis. Statutes.

Membership: Total of 3 members consisting of 3 County Board Supervisors.

Member Term: All members are appointed for a two year term to coincide with biennial organization of the County Board - Appointed by the County Board Chair and confirmed by the County Board. Committee vacancies will be filled according to County Board Rule 13. 

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Oversee the County forests program according to Chapters 26, 28, 29, 59 and 77, Wisconsin Statutes.
2. Implement the County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan, prepare amendments and update as required.
3. Implement the forestry sections contained within the County Comprehensive Plan.
4. Recommend policy for the management of the County forests.
5. Negotiate and recommend the acquisition of land within County forests acquisition zones by purchase, gift or bequest or by exchange of County owned lands outside such areas.
6. Review and recommend for approval to County Board the annual forestry division work plan and budget for the ensuing calendar year.
7. Review, approve, and close timber sales of the County forests.
8. Review and/or recommend to the Environmental Resources Standing Committee of the County Board all proposed CIP projects of the County forests.
9. Make rules and recommend ordinances for the regulation and use of County forests.
10. Direct the monitoring and protection of the County forests from fire, insects, disease, trespass, invasive species, or from damage by animals or persons, or from other causes, in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources.
11. Support the creation and maintenance of valuable habitat types to sustain a variety of wildlife species.
12. Cooperate with the Department of Natural Resources on all matters pertaining to natural resource management of the County forests.
13. Direct the preparation and present an annual report of activities to the Environmental Resources Standing Committee and the County Board.
14. Additional duties as assigned by the Environmental Resources Committee.

Other Organization Relationships: Work with the Marathon County Park commission. Encourage work with other County Board Committees, as the needs arise. 


Committee Members:


Arnold Schlei, Chairperson

Rick Seefeldt, Vice-Chair

Jim Bove


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