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Committee Type and Reporting Relationship: The Marathon County Board of Health coordinates through the Marathon County Health and Human Services committee to the County Board. 
Mission/Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Marathon County Board of Health is to develop and recommend for consideration by the Health and Human Services Standing Committee health policies which create an environment in which individuals can be healthy.
Statutory Responsibilities: Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 251.
Membership: Total of 9 members consisting of at least three of whom are not elected County officials and no less than 3 County Board Supervisors. Board of Health members will demonstrate interest or competence in the field of public health or community health. A good faith effort to include at least one physician, one registered nurse, one dentist, and one veterinarian will be made.
The Medical Director of the Health Department shall serve as an Ex Officio member of the Board of Health. This position advises the Board, the Health Officer, and the Health Department staff on medical issues. This position shall not vote nor contribute to the quorum requirements of the Board.
Member Term: Board of Health members are appointed by the County Administrator and confirmed by the Marathon County Board of Supervisors. Citizen members are appointed for five year staggered terms. There are no term limits. County Board Supervisors are appointed to serve two year terms concurrent with their terms of office. Committee vacancies will be filled according to County Board Rule 13.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1.     Assure the enforcement of public health statutes and rules.
2.     Assure the local health department meets the requirements of a Level III health department as defined by statute.
3.     Adopt local public health regulations to protect and improve the public’s health which are no less stringent than, and do not conflict with, state statutes or the rules of the State Department of Public Health.
4.     Assess public health needs and advocate for the provision of reasonable and necessary public health services.
5.     Develop policy and provide leadership to meet public health needs.
6.     Assure the local health department collaborates with other public health partners.
7.     Assure accountability of the local health department.
Other Organization Relationships: The Board of Health will work with the Marathon County Health & Human Services Standing Committee to develop County-wide Health policies.
Work with other County Board Committees, as the needs arise. 
Board Members:
Supervisor John Robinson, Chairperson
Supervisor Sandi Cihlar, Vice-Chair
Julie Fox
Supervisor Mary Ann Crosby
Supervisor Sandi Cihlar
Michael McGrail
Kue Her
Dean Danner
Lori Shepherd, Secretary
Laura Scudiere
Robert Pope (Ex-Officio)
Kevin O'Connell (Ex-Officio and Medical Advisor)
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