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Mission / Purpose: Recommend improvements to elected officials regarding traffic safety problems.

Statutory Responsibilities: The Highway Safety Commission will follow Chapters 59, 62, 66 and 83 of the Wis. Statutes.

Membership: 15 members consisting of:

Required Representation (each Commission is required to have at least the following nine (9) members:

  1. The County Highway Commissioner or a designated representative.
  2. The Chief County Law Enforcement Officer or a designated representative.
  3. The County Highway Safety Coordinator, designated by the County Board.
  4. An Education Representative designated by the County Board.
  5. A Medical Representative designated by the County Board (e.g. doctor, nurse, hospital administrator, paramedic, etc).
  6. A Legal Representative designated by the County Board.
  7. A Division of State Patrol Representative designated by Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT).
  8. A Highway Traffic Engineering Representative designated by WisDOT.
  9. A Traffic Safety Representative designated by WisDOT (Bureau of Transportation Safety, Regional Program Manager).

Optional Additional Representation: Additional representation is encouraged. Counties may appoint additional persons such as:

  • Elected Officials
  • Representatives from citizen organizations and other civic leaders concerned with traffic safety (e.g. Mother's Against Drunk Driving, Students Against Driving Drunk, Highway Safety Leaders, Railroad representatives, etc.)
  • County Infrastructure Committee Members
  • News Media Representatives

Term: All County Board members and other County appointees are appointed for a two year term to coincide with biennial organization of the County Board except Highway Safety Coordinator. Highway Safety coordinator is appointed by the County Administrator subject to County Board Approval. Appointments are made by the County Board Chair and confirmed by the County Board. Committee vacancies will be filled according to County Board Rule 13.

Reporting Relationship: The Highway Safety Commission (a statutory commission) coordinates through the Marathon County Infrastructure Standing Committee to the County Board.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Encourage and foster traffic safety activity in the County and its cities and towns (e.g. bike rodeos, pedetrian safety education, etc.).
  2. Conduct traffic safety assessments and field reviews.
  3. Advocate for traffic safety issues and legislation.
  4. Recommend specific traffic safety improvements to be included in local agency budgets, federal highway programs, hazard elimination projects, etc.
  5. Alert highway safety professionals, advocates, and when appropriate, elected officials (state or local), to traffic safety problems.
  6. Review traffic crash data from the County / city (e.g. crash reports, spot maps, etc).
  7. Review other traffic safety related information (citation data, engineering studies, speed studies, etc).
  8. Prepare and maintain a spot map of traffic crash locations.
  9. Send recommendations for corrective actinos in writing to appropriate governmental officials, businesses, and other interested groups.
  10. File a report on each meeting with the Bureau of Transportation Safety (BOTS).
  11. Represent the interests of their constituency (health, engineering, enforcement, citizen groups, etc).
  12. Offer solutions to traffic safety related problems that are brought to the Commission.
  13. Report back to their constituency.

Other Organizational Relationships:

  • Public Safety Committee
  • County Sheriff

Commission Members:

Brian Fiene, Chair                                                      NTC, Education Representative
Lt. Ted Knoeck, Highway Safety Coordinator        Wausau Police Department
Scott Parks, Chief Law Enforcement                       Marathon County Sheriff
James Griesbach                                                      Highway Commissioner
Travis Wanless (DOT)                                                 State Patrol
Robert Bott (DOT)                                                      State Highway Safety
John Kieffer (DOT)                                                     Highway Traffic Engineering
Jessica Blahnik                                                           County Medical Examiner
Sherri Arlen                                                                 Medical Representative
Kevin Crooks                                                              Legal Representative
Nathan Pekarske                                                       Wausau Police Department
James Palmer                                                            Citizen Member