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Mission / Purpose: Enrich lives by promoting lifelong learning and actively providing the community with access to ideas, information, and opportunities to connect.
Membership: Pursuant to §43.57(4)(b), Wis. Stats., the County Administrator shall appoint a seven (7) member Library Board which shall consist of at least:
  1. One school district administrator of a school district located in whole or in part in the County, or this school district administrator's designee.
  2. Two County Board Supervisors.
  3. Four citizen members.
Duties and Responsibilities: Pursuant to §43.58, Wis. Stats., the duties are assigned to the Library Board.

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Sharon Hunter, President
Kari Sweeney, Vice President
Supervisor Gary Beastrom
Supervisor Katie Rosenberg
MaiGer Moua
Sarah Thurs
Scott Winch