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Mission / Purpose: The Metallic Mining Committee shall provide leadership to protect the human health, safety, and general welfare in Marathon County as they may be impacted by mineral resource exploration, prospecting, bulk sampling and mining, and provide for Marathon County's long-term social and economic interests, including the public interest in the orderly development and production of mineral resources within the County in an environmentally sensitive manner as consistent with applicable law.

Membership: Shall be comprised of seven (7) members consisting of at least two (2) County Board Supervisors, two (2) local government officials from units of government potentially impacted by mining, representatives from the business community, environmental groups, and citizens. The committee will be chaired by a County Board Supervisor who serves on the Environmental Resources Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Metallic Mining Committee shall have the following powers and duties, along with other duties as delegated to it by the County Board from time to time:

  1. Analyze implications of non-ferrous, metallic mineral exploration, prospecting, bulk sampling, and mining and investigate the possible impacts that exploration, prospecting, bulk sampling, and mining would have on the County and its residents and resources.
  2. The Committee shall meet within two weeks of the County receiving notice of a Notice of Intent to Apply for a Permit and the Notice of the Public Hearing under §293.41, Wis. Stats.
  3. Provide recommendations on behalf of Marathon County to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding the scope of studies and information needed to be included in the permit application process.
  4. The committee's work and recommendations should protect the public health, safety, and welfare and promote the public interests consistent with Marathon County Code.
  5. Make recommendations on Marathon County policy for non-ferrous metallic mineral exploration, prospecting, bulk sampling, and mining and their related activities and impacts.
  6. Develop a plan of action to address mining induced growth problems and potential reuse of capital improvements associated with the activities after the completion of mining.
  7. Recommend priorities for local actions proposed by the Metallic Mining Committee.
  8. Anticipate the potential for and prepare the County Board to evaluate mineral exploration, prospecting, or mining activities on County owned lands.
  9. Facilitate communications between the Metallic Mining Committee, other local governmental units, and mineral activity operators and applicants.
  10. Review, comment, and act on proposed reclamation plans.
  11. Formulate recommendations and requests to the State Investment and Local Impact Fund Board regarding distribution of funds under §70.395(2)(g), Wis. Stats.
  12. Formulate recommendations to the County Board on how to utilize, distribute, or invest funds received by the Metallic Mining Committee from the County or the State Investment and Local Impact Fund Board under §70.395(2)(g) and §70.395(2)(d), (fm), and (g), Wis. Stats.
  13. Work with other local units of government and the permit applicant to negotiate local agreements under §293.41(3), Wis. Stats. for approval by the County Board.
  14. Conduct a public hearing on the proposed local agreement.
  15. Forumlate recommendations to the County Board regarding formation and membership of a joint committee under §293.33(2), Wis. Stats.
  16. Formulate recommendations to the County Board regarding requests for funds to operate the Metallic Mining Committee under §293.33(4), Wis. Stats.
  17. The Committee may request that the County Board create work groups, pursuant to Rule 14, Marathon County Rules of Procedure, to study and make recommendations relating to any of the Duties and Responsibilities outlined above. Work Groups created under this section shall be consistent with  §293.33(2), Wis. Stats, and may include representatives of affected units of government, business and industry, manpower, health, protective or service agencies, school districts, or environmental and other interest groups or other interested parties.

Other Organizational Relationships: The Metallic Mining Committee will work with the Marathon County Environmental Resources Committee to develop County wide policies relating to non-ferrous metallic mining and will work with other County Board Committees and local governmental units as the need arises.

Committee Members:

Supervisor Jacob Langenhahn, Chair
Supervisor John Robinson, Vice Chair
Supervisor Arnold Schlei
Supervisor Alan Christensen
Justin Cavey, Citizen Member
Russ Wilson, Citizen Member
Jim Warsaw, Citizen Member