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Mission/purpose:  Provide a park and forest recreation system that will meet the needs of our current and future generations, preserve and protect the County's open space, water, historical, cultural and natural resources; and provide recreation opportunities that are designed to enhance he County's quality of life.
Membership:  The Marathon County Administrator shall appoint seven members to the Park Commission. Those members shall be comprised of three Marathon County Board Supervisors, three Wausau City Council members and one citizen member.
Duties and Responsibilities include:
1.    Monitor, preserve and protect the County's open space, water, historical, cultural, natural and economic resources.
2.    Determine and recommend recreational and tourism programs within the County.
3.    Recommend policy and funding for establishing and implementing park and recreation programs and facilities.
4.    Monitor and recommend policy for the development and maintenance of recreation trails including County-sponsored trails and State-funded trails.
5.    Make rules and recommend ordinances for the regulation of the use and enjoyment of the County parks, trails and recreation lands.


Commission Members:

County Board Supervisors: Contact

John Durham

Jacob Langenhahn

Rick Seefeldt

City Council Members: Contact

Gary Gisselman

Dennis Smith

Pat Peckham

Citizen Member:

Connie Conrad, 1708 Stark Street, Wausau, WI  54403