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Committee Type and Reporting Relationship: The Marathon County Social Services Board has statutory authority to exist with guidance from, and reporting relationship to, the Health & Human Services Committee.

Mission/Purpose Statement: To establish protective and supportive human services priorities that positively impact the quality of life and independence of Marathon County residents.

Statutory Responsibilities: Pursuant to §46.22, Wis. Stats.: “In any county with a county executive or county administrator which has established a single-county department of social services, the county executive or county administrator shall appoint, subject to confirmation by the county board of supervisors, the county social services board, which shall be only for a policy-making body determining the broad outlines and principles governing the administration of programs under this section.”

Membership: Total number and breakdown: Current membership is 3 County Board Supervisors and 2 citizen members.

Member Term - Social Services Board members will serve two year terms. Board members are appointed by the County Administrator and confirmed by the Marathon County Board of Supervisors. County Board Supervisors are appointed to serve two year terms concurrent with their terms of office. Committee vacancies will be filled according to County Board Rule 13

Duties and Responsibilities:  Pursuant to §46.22(2g), Wis. Stats., Powers and duties of county social services board in certain counties with a county executive or county administrator shall:
1. Recommend program priorities, identify unmet service needs and prepare short-term and long-term plans and budgets for meeting such priorities and needs.
2. Prepare, with the assistance of the county social services director a proposed budget for submission to the county executive or county administrator, a final budget for the submission to appropriate state agencies, as required by Statute.
3. Advise the county social services director…regarding purchasing and providing services and the selection of purchase of service vendors.
4. Develop county social services board operating procedures.
5. Comply with state requirements.
6. Assist in arranging cooperative agreements with persons providing health, education, vocational, or welfare services related to services provided under this section.

Other Organization Relationships: (Limited to relationships within the Governance chart)
• The Social Services Board will work with the Marathon County Health & Human Services Standing Committee to develop County-wide Social Services policies.
• Work with other County Board Committees, as the needs arise. 


Board Members:


Supervisor Karen Kellbach

Supervisor Yee Leng Xiong

Supervisor Ashley Lange

Christin Keele, Vice-Chair

Amy Arlen, Chairperson


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