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Membership: The Solid Waste Management Committee shall be appointed by the Marathon County Administrator and be comprised of nine (9) members. Five (5) members shall be Marathon County Board Supervisors, one (1) members shall be a representative of the Town of Ringle Board, and three (3) shall be citizen members.

Duties and Responsibilities include:

  1. General policy making for the operations of solid waste management.
  2. Remain updated on changing legislation regarding waste disposal and recycling and ensure County compliance.
  3. Recommend and monitor composting, waste-to-energy, recycling, and household hazardous waste disposal programs.

Committee Members:

Supervisor Thomas Seubert
Supervisor Alan Christensen
Supervisor Jean Maszk
Supervisor Maynard Tremelling
Citizen Myron Podjaski
Citizen Brad Lenz
Citizen Kerry Brimmer
Citizen Roger Zimmermann, Chair

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