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Committee Type and Reporting Relationship:  Statutory Committee as described in Administrative Code Trans 2.10. 

Mission/Purpose Statement:  To coordinate the county's specialized transportation. 
Statutory Responsibilities:  Described in Trans 2.10 of State of Wisconsin Administrative Code to coordinate the county's specialized transportation. 
Membership:  Per Trans 2.10 membership must include representation from at least the following: County Board; County Aging Unit (ADRC); County Department of Social Services; 51.42 Board member; transportation providers (public, proprietary and nonprofit); elderly and disabled citizen advocates; and consumer and agency advocates. A total of nine members consisting of: three County Board members, one ADRC Board member, one DSS Board member, one 51.42 Board member, one Transportation provider, one Elderly and disabled advocate, one Consumer and agencies advocate. 
Members are appointed by the County Board Chair and confirmed by the Marathon County Board of Supervisors.
Member Term:  Committee members will serve a two-year term. County Board Supervisors are appointed to serve two-year terms concurrent with their terms of office. Committee vacancies will be filled according to County Board Rule 13. 
Duties and Responsibilities:   
1.   Provide leadership for the identification of, and propose solutions for, transportation needs of specialized populations residing in Marathon County.
2.   Evaluate Marathon County’s transportation services policy including, but not limited to, vulnerable populations.
3.   Provide leadership for the development and submit for review and approval by the Marathon County Health and Human Services Standing committee, Marathon County's 85.21 grant application.
4.  Provide leadership for the coordination of transportation services for Marathon County residents who are eligible to participate in services provided by the Marathon County 85.21 grant.
5.  Provide leadership for regional cooperation and coordination of transportation services for eligible populations.
6.  Monitor the expenditures of transportation funds being expended on transportation services for elderly and disabled in the service area.
7.  Review passenger transportation plans for the service area.
8.  Review and comment on county aid applications under § 85.21, [Wis.] Stats.
9.  Review and comment on capital assistance applications under § 85.22, [Wis.] Stats.
10. Act as an informational resource for local transportation providers regarding the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 USC 1201 et seq.
11.  Act on requests by local public bodies to be designated as coordinators of transportation services for elderly and disabled persons for the purpose of becoming eligible for assistance under the federal sec. 5310 program.
Other Organization Relationships:  Reports to the Health and Human Services Committee of County Board. 
Committee Membership:
            County Supervisor Ka Lo
            County Supervisor John Durham (Vice-Chair)
            County Supervisor Jeff Johnson
            Tim Buttke, ADRC Board Member
Karen Kellbach, Social Services Board Member (Chairperson)
Romey Wagner, 51.42 Board Member
Greg Seubert, Transportation Provider
Kathi Zoern, Elderly and Disabled Advocate
Mai Ger Moua, Consumer & Agencies Advocate
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