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Mission/Purpose Statement:   Install and maintain in working order a fiber optic network

Statutory Responsibilities: This committee functions under Wis. Stats. 66.0301.

Membership: North Central Technical College, Wausau School District, City County IT Commission

WCAN Oversight Committee:  Each member organization will designate two representatives. The Chairman will preside at all meetings, and sign all resolutions, contracts and other documents.  This position will rotate annually in the following order:  North Central Technical College, City County IT, Wausau School District.  The secretary/treasurer will make and keep a permanent record of all committee proceedings, have custody of all records, furnish copies of the agenda, furnish all notices required by law, keep bills filed with the committee and render a report of all committee finances at each meeting.  This position will rotate annually in the following order: Wausau School District, North Central Technical College, City County IT.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1.    Establish an annual budget
2.    Develop fiscal policy for the operation of the WCAN
3.    Cause an annual independent financial audit of WCAN accounts and records with respect to all receipts, disbursements, other transactions and entries into the books of the WCAN.
4.     Have authority to enter into leases or contracts related to the WCAN.
5.    Have authority to review and adjust prices and other terms with respect to leases, contract or other agreements and has the authority to make operation decisions within amounts budgeted or other parameters set by the parties.
6.    Members will report to their respective governing bodies annual regarding the status of the WCAN and make recommendations regarding the future direction of shared network projects and adjustment of the cost-sharing formula.
7.    All property and facilities shall be owned in the name of the WCAN Oversight Committee

WCAN Oversight Committee Members:

Gerard Klein, City County IT Commission
Pat Puyleart, City County IT Commission
Bryon Kolbeck, Wausau School District
Theresa Miles, Wausau School District
Chet Strebe, North Central Technical College
Rob Elliot, North Central Technical College