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Mission / Purpose: Provide leadership for the implementation of the County Strategic Plan, monitoring outcomes, reviewing and recommending to the County Board policies related to environmental resource initiatives of Marathon County.

Membership: The Environmental Resources Committee shall be comprised of six (6) County Board Supervisors and one representative of the Towns Associations of Marathon County appointed by the County Board Chairperson at the April meeting of the County Board in even numbered years.

Term: Members shall serve two year terms concurrent with their terms of office as County Board Supervsiors.

Reporting Relationship: The Environmental Resources Committee is accountable to the County Board. It shall have the responsibility for outcome monitoring and overseeing the implementation of all policies related to the environmental resources of the County. The Environmental Resources Committee shall have the primary responsibility for conferring with and providing guidance to the following County departments:

  • Conservation, Planning and Zoning
  • Parks, Recreation and Forestry
  • Solid Waste Management

The duties and responsibilities of the Environmental Resources Committee will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Foster the implementation of the County's Comprehensive and Strategic Plans.
  2. Identify and recommend to the County Board policies and long-range plans related to environmental and community resources of the County including land use, forests, soil and water.
  3. Review new programs and associated budget requirements prior to their being considered for inclusion in the County's budget.
  4. Facilitate broad based dsicussion of issues and policies by encouraging involvement and communications with the public and with other standing committees.
  5. Serve as the initial contact point for individuals and / or organizations who wish to influence County Board policy regarding County environmental resources.
  6. Delegate operational procedures and practices to appropriate program committees which include Forestry and Recreation, Land Conservation and Zoning, Solid Waste, and Park Commission. Provide policy guidance and oversight to the Conservation, Planning and Zoning; Parks, Rereation and Forestry; and Solid Waste Departments.
  7. Fulfill all statutory requirements assigned by the County Board.
  8. Ensure the availability of the County's natural, cultural, and recreational resources for all users.
  9. Continue the development, inplementation, and updating of the Compreshensive Plan as well as other long-range plans for the County forests, parks, and land and water resource management, including public discussion and communications.
  10. Encourage research and education to maintain a high quality of life in Marathon County while conserving resources.
  11. Additional duties as assigned by the County Board Chairperson.

Committee Relationships: The Environmental Resources Committee shall be the committee of jurisdiction providing the leadership for interaction, communications, and policy recommendations to the County Board with respect to the following:

  • Land Conservation & Zoning Committee
  • Solid Waste Board
  • Forestry / Recreation Committee

Other Organizational Relationships: The Environmental Resources Committee will also serve as Marathon County's liasion to the following organizations:

  • Marathon County Park Commission
  • Board of Adjustment

Committee Members

Jacob Langenhahn, Chair
Randy Fifrick, Vice Chair
Rick Seefeldt
Jim Bove
Allen Drabek
Ashley Lange
Sara Guild
Allen Opall
Marilyn Bhend (Towns and Villages Association)
Kelly King (Farm Service Agency)

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