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Mission / Purpose: The Executive Committee of the Marathon County Board exists for the purpose of implementing the County's Strategic Plan by coordinating policy formation among the Committees and providing leadership for all County Board policies through supervision of Administrative staff.

Membership: The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chairperson of each of the County Board Standing Committees, and the County Board Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. A member-at-large shall be selected by election of the County Board to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be chaired by the County Board Chairperson.

Term: Members shall serve two year terms, concurrent with their being Chairperson of a County standing committee. If for some reason, members relinquish their committee Chairmanship, they will be replaced on the Executive Committee by the new committee Chairperson. If the member-at-large leaves, then the County Board will elect a new member-at-large.

Reporting Relationship: The Executive Committee is accountable to the County Board and provides leadership for and monitors the County Administrator position. The Executive Committee shall have the primary responsibility of conferring wtih and providing guidance to the following County department:

  • County Administrator

The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee include but are not limited to:

  1. Provide leadership for the implementation of the County's Strategic Plan.
  2. Proactively identify County policy development needs.
  3. Request the County Board Chairperson to assign requests for any policy development to the appropriate Committee(s).
  4. Identify the need for short-term task forces to address policy formation recommendations.
  5. Establish County Board policy goals and monitor the success of County Board policy implementation, reporting the results to the County Board.
  6. Provide leadership for the development of a biennial County Administrator plan of work, and consult in the completion of the plan. Monitor progress on an ongoing basis and conduct an annual performance review and a biennial survey.
  7. Participate in the selection of a County Administrator and recommend a candidate for County Board approval. Recommend to the County Board appropriate contract and compensation considerations.
  8. Monitor the County Board's adherence to and progress in implementing its rules and procedures. Appoint a taskforce to update the County Board rules every two years.
  9. Consult with the County Board Chairperson regarding the content and structure of the County Board meeting agendas.
  10. Provide leadership in the implementation of the County's Strategic Plan core strategies.
  11. Provide leadership for the allocation of County resources by major County function.
  12. Additional duties as assigned by the County Board Chairperson.
  13. Create taskforces as requrired by duties and responsibilities.

Committee Members:

Kurt Gibbs, Chair
Craig McEwen, Vice Chair
Sara Guild
Jacob Langenhahn
E.J. Stark
Matt Bootz
John Robinson
Jeff Zriny
Allen Opall

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