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Mission / Purpose: Provide leadership for the implementation of the strategic plan, monitoring outcomes, reviewing and recommending to the County Board policies related to health and human services initiatives of Marathon County.

Statutory Responsibilities: Wis. Stats., Sec 46.22 (lm) and 46.23 (2g) and their successor statutes.

Membership: The Health and Human Services Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) County Board supervisors appointed by the County Board Chairperson at the April meeting of the County Board in even numbered years.

Term: Members shall serve for a two year term concurrent with their terms of office as County Board Supervisors.

Reporting Relationship: The Health and Human Services Committee shall be accountable to the County Board. It shall have the responsibility for outcome monitoring and overseeing the implementation of all policies related to the health and human services of the County, including but not limited to:

  • Long Term Care
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Socioeconomic Needs
  • AODA
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Youth and Elderly
  • Nutrition

The committee is also responsible for state and federally funded programs affecting Marathon County and current legislation or proposed legislation affecting health and human services. The Health and Human Services Committee shall have the primary responsibility for conferring with and providing guidance to the following County departments:

  • Veterans' Services
  • Social Services
  • Health Department
  • Transportation Coordinating Committee

The duties and responsibilities of the Health and Human Services Committee include but are not limited to:

  1. Foster the implementation of the County's Strategic Plan
  2. Identify the need for, and recommend to the County Board, policies related to the health and human services of the County that meet the physical and mental health and socioeconomic needs of individuals and families.
  3. Review new programs and associated budget requirements prior to their being considered for inclusion in the County's budget.
  4. Facilitate broad based discussion of issues and policies encouraging public involvement and communications with the public.
  5. Serve as the initial contact point for individuals and / or organizations who wish to influence County Board policy regarding County health and human services.
  6. Delegate operational procedures and practices to appropriate administrative committee(s) and department(s) of the County.
  7. Fulfill all statutory requirements assigned by the County Board.
  8. Develop policies and plans for the delivery of all County Sponsored human services programs.
  9. Develop a coordinated plan and budget and set priorities on program operations within the funding mechanisms provided by Federal, State, and County Government.
  10. Assess the health status of the citizens and recommend policies that will improve the health of community residents and assure that needed health services are available.
  11. Ensure that public health services include but are not limited to nursing, immunizations, health screenings, school health, environmental health, nuisance and hazard complaints, and health education.
  12. Develop partnerships with private or public funded human service agencies, schools, and health or social institutions in the County which deal directly with the Department of Social Services.
  13. Develop options related to future policies related to the elderly and individuals with disabilities.
  14. Additional duties as assigned by the County Board Chairperson.

Committee Relationships: The Health and Human Services Committee shall serve as the committee of jurisdiction providing the leadership for interaction, communications, and policy recommendations to the County Board with respect to the following:

  • Social Services Board
  • Veterans Service Commission

Other Organizational Relationships: The Health and Human Services Committee will also serve as Marathon County's liaison to the following organizations:

  • Marathon County Board of Health
  • Aging & Disability Resource Center of North Central Wisconsin (ADRC-CW)
  • Tri-County 51.42 Board & North Central Health Care Facilities
  • Community Care of Central Wisconsin (CCCW)
  • Marathon County Long-Term Care Council
  • Children with Disabilities Board
  • North Central Community Action Program (CAP)
  • Northern Valley Workshop Board

Committee Members:

Matt Bootz, Chair
Tim Buttke, Vice Chair
Donna Krause
Mary Ann Crosby
Maynard Tremelling
Bill Miller
Katie Rosenberg

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