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Mission / Purpose: Provide leadership for the implementation of the County Strategic Plan, monitor outcomes, review and recommend to the County Board policies related to human resources initiatives, finance and property of the County.

Statutory Responsibilities: (65.90(5) (b), 893.80, 65.90(5) (a), 59.62 and their successor statutes.

Membership: The Human Resources, Finance, and Property Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) County Board Supervisors, appointed  by the County Board Chairperson and confirmed by the County Board at the April meeting of the County Board in even numbered years. At least one County Board member of the C.I.P. Committee will be appointed to the Finance & Facilities Committee.

Term: Members shall serve a two year term concurrent with their terms of office as County Board Supervisors.

Reporting Relationship: The Human Resources, Finance and Property Committee shall be accountable to the County Board. It shall have the responsibility for outcome monitoring and overseeing the implementation of all policies related to human resources, financial, and property matters of the County. The Human Resources, Finance, and Property Committee shall have the primary responsibility of conferring with and providing guidance to the following County departments:

  • Treasurer
  • Finance
  • County Clerk
  • Register of Deeds
  • Facilities and Capital Management
  • Employee Resources

The duties and responsibilities of the Human Resources, Finance, and Property Committee shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Consult with County program committees, and in consultation with County Administration, develop annual short-term and multiple year long-term budget assummptions to guide budget development.
  2. Provide leadership for the development and implementation of employee compensation, benefits, and working conditions structure which provides internal and external consistency and equality for all County employees, officers, and officials.
  3. Review and accept the annual budget proposed by the County Administrator, conduct public listening sessions regarding the proposed budget, and submit with appropriate revisions to the County Board for its consideration, possible modification and adoption.
  4. Review, and on behalf of the County Board, act upon claims including all litgation claims against the County.
  5. Monitor and oversee all County financial matters including, but not limited to, bills, audit reports, investments, insurance policies, bonding, contingency funds, property acquired by tax deed, budget amendments and transfers, and risk management programs including collaboration on labor contract negotiation issues. Establish, monitor, and appropriately update acquisition policies, use and disposition of non-tax and tax deeded land acquired by the County.
  6. Monitor the implementation of County Human Resources policies including organizational compliance with annual budgets for Human Resources.
  7. Establish and monitor the County's policies regarding donations and grants.
  8. Review and approve for submission all grant requests which directly affect the finances of the County.
  9. Review requests for new allocated positions pursuant to Sec. 4.20 of this Code.
  10. Authorize the transfer of funds between budgeted items of an individual County office or department, and authorize the transfer of funds from the contingency fund to supplement the appropriation for a particular office, department, or activity as long as such transfers:
     a) do not exceed the amount set up in the contingent fund, or 
     b) add up to more than 10% of the fund originally budgeted to each individual office, department, or activity.
  11. Provide for publication of notice of contingent fund transfers pursuant to law.
  12. Recommend to the County Board transfers from the General fund.
  13. Serve as the County's employee grievance committee, hearing, as required, all employee grievances and issuing decisions, when required by ordinances or labor contracts.
  14. Act as the trier of fact in disciplinary hearings, and request, as appropriate, the involvement of County Corporation Counsel to assist in conducting disciplinary hearings.
  15. Monitor organizational culture survey results and assure that employees are managed and led consistent with the County's values.
  16. Monitor the employee health care benefits and establish broad organizational policies that ensure that the plan is part of a compensation package that supports talent attraction and retention; and that costs are well managed to provide the best value available.
  17. Additional duties as may be assigned by the County Board Chairperson.

Committee Relationships: The Human Resources, Finance, and Property Committee shall be the committee of jurisdiction providing the leadership for interaction, communication, and policy recommendations to the County Board with respsect to the following:

  • Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIP)
  • Civil Service Commission

Committee Members:

E.J. Stark, Chair
Bill Miller, Vice Chair
John Durham
Tim Buttke
Yee Leng Xiong
Jeff Zriny
Kurt Gibbs

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