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Mission / Purpose: Provide leadership for the implementation of the Strategic Plan, monitoring outcomes, reviewing and recommending to the County Board policies related to technology and infrastructure initiatives of Marathon County which include, but are not limited to highways, airways, waterways, etc.

Statutory Responsibilities: Wis. Stats. Sec. 83.015 and their successor statutes.

Membership: The Infrastructure Committee will be comprised of seven (7) County Board Supervisors, appointed by the County Board Chairperson at the April meeting of the County Board in even numbered years.

Term: Members shall serve two year terms concurrent with their terms of office as County Board Supervisors.

Reporting Relationship: The Infrastructure Committee is accountable to the County Board. It shall have the responsibility for outcome monitoring and overseeing implementation of all policies related to the County's infrastructure and technology, including but not limited to the airport, highways, communication systems, and all other technology and infrastructure required within Marathon County. The Infrastructure Committee shall have the primary responsibility of conferring with and providing guidance to the following County departments:

  • Highway Department
  • City / County IT Commission
  • Central Wisconsin Airport

The duties and responsibilities of the Infrastructure Committee will include but not be limited to:

  1. Foster the implementation of the County's Strategic Plan
  2. Proactively identify the need for, and recommend to the County Board, policies related to the infrastructure and technology of the County.
  3. Establish outcome expectations for technology and infrastructure needs and monitor performance against these expectations.
  4. Review new technology and infrastructure and associated budget requirements prior to their being considered for inclusion in the County's budget.
  5. Facilitate broad based discussion of issues and policies to encourage public involvement and communication with the public.
  6. Facilitate the increase in transparency in County government through the use of technology and encourage greater public involvement and communication.
  7. Review and prioritize requests to utilize new technology within County government.
  8. Identify policies and procedures governing the use of technology to increase the efficiency of County government.
  9. Identify and promote opportunities for departments to cooperate and coordinate the development of new technologies within the County.
  10. Serve as the initial contact point for individuals and / or organizations who wish to influence County Board policy regarding County technology and infrastructure.
  11. Delegate operational procedures and practices to appropriate administrative committees and departments of County government.
  12. Fulfill all statutory requirements as assigned by the County Board.
  13. Develop and propose for County Board approval plans for the construction and maintenance of all County trunk roads and bridges and the construction, improvement, equipment, maintenance, and operation of  the highway department and grounds.
  14. Report to the County Board on all matters under the jurisdiction of the Highway Department including highways, County highway speed limits and traffic control devices.
  15. Advise the board regarding leases, contracts, and agreements necessary to controlled access highway statute pursuant to Wis. Stats., Sec. 83.027.
  16. Act as the highway committee pursuant to Wis. Stats., Sec. 83.
  17. Oversee the implementation of purchasing procedures consistent with County purchasing policies.
  18. Propose for County Board approval a long-term technology and infrastructure plan.
  19. Provide insight and recommendations on technology related issues to any standing committee of the Marathon County Board of Supervisors through joint meetings and / or referred issues from other committees and / or the County Board.
  20. Additional duties as assigned by the County Board Chairperson.

Committee Relationships: The Infrastructure Committee shall be the committee of jurisdiction providing the leadership for interaction, communications, and policy recommendations to the County Board with respect to the following:

  • Highway Safety Commission

Other Organizational Relationships: The Infrastructure Committee will serve as Marathon County's liaison to the following organizations:

  • Marathon County Metro Planning
  • Central Wisconsin Airport Board
  • Rib Mountain Metro Sewer District
  • City / County IT Commission

Committee Members:

John Robinson, Chair
Richard Gumz, Vice Chair
Allen Opall
Jeff Johnson
Thomas Seubert
Alan Christensen
Sandi Cihlar

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