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The Task Force gave a report to the full county board in fall 2015.   The report is available here.

          I.       Task Force Name:   Marathon County Connectivity Task Force


II.      Purpose:  To explore potential strategies and policy recommendations which improve increase connectivity and speed of internet access to rural Marathon County based on following:

  1. Best practices in other communities that have addressed connectivity
  2. Needs of the business and residents in underserved areas
  3. Identification of economic impact of connectivity including opportunities for business, education, health care, etc.
  4. Current fiber or infrastructure – where is it and what are the future needs
  5. Appropriate role for county government in encouraging private partnerships to address connectivity needs
  6. Financial impact including tax levy implications, grant funding, etc.
  7. Public safety enhancements of increased connectivity


III.     Relationship to County Government Structure:  This Task Force will report to the Marathon County Technology Committee. 


IV.     Member Appointment:  The County Board Chair will appoint task force members


V.      Member Terms and Qualifications:  Members will be appointed to serve from November 2014 through December 2015.  Membership will include one member each from the Technology, Infrastructure and Education & Economic Development Committees, two County Board Supervisors at large and one citizen member. 


VI.     Duties and Responsibilities:  The Task Force will develop recommended strategies and policies to address connectivity and speed of internet access in rural Marathon County.


VII.    Description of Deliverable:  The Task Force will provide a final draft of recommended strategies and policies for consideration by the Executive Committee of the Marathon County Board by December 31, 2015.


VIII.   Task Force Term:  The Task Force will be appointed in October of 2014 and be chartered until December 31, 2015 



 E.J. Stark, Chairperson

 Kurt Kluck

Jeff Zriny

Mort McBain

Matthew Bootz

Jim Warsaw