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Independent Panel on Mental Health Services in Corrections


1.   Purpose:  To develop an action plan which achieves these outcomes:

      A.   Recognized as the best array of mental health services provided to offenders in the State of Wisconsin.

      B.   Professionals involved in correctional mental health services have clear expectations on what services are available for whom and how they can be accessed.

      C.   Resources are aligned to support the Action Plan.


2.   Relationship to County Government Structure:  The panel reports to the Sheriff and will share its findings with the Marathon County Board of Supervisors and the North Central Health Care Board.


3.   Member Appointment:  Six members appointed by the Sheriff


4.   Deliverable:  A work plan, similar in structure to that created by the Independent Jail Security Panel, which articulates steps and identifies resources needed to achieve the outcomes listed under #1 Purpose above.


5.   Term:  Completed by September 1, 2015.




  • Kevin Hermening, Chair
  • Jon Shirck
  • Peter Fuchs
  • John Robinson
  • Craig McEwen
  • Deb Hager



  • Chad Billeb, Chief Deputy