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North Central Health Care Oversight Task Force:

Purpose:  To integrate and coordinate the recommendations from multiple efforts (listed below) to provide clear policy recommendations to Marathon County Board of Supervisors in a holistic and comprehensive way regarding the services, performance expectations, accountabilities, cost and roles and responsibilities of North Central Health Care.

Background:  There are multiple task forces, panels and workgroups addressing facets of Marathon County’s relationship with and expectations regarding service provision by North Central Health Care.  These include but are not limited to the Governance Task Force, Long Term Facilities Plan Task Force, Independent Mental Health Panel for Offender Populations, Evidence Based Decision Making in Criminal Justice Grant, Therapy Pool, etc.  However, there is no coordination and integration of these efforts to guide the Marathon County Board of Supervisors in making policy decisions regarding capital, service/ operating expectations and expenditure of funding (federal, state and local) on behalf of Marathon County.   The lack of a comprehensive approach to clarifying relationships, expectations, outcomes, cost of providing services and future needs has resulted in multiple groups working on varying aspects with no one having a full vision of what the Marathon County Board of Supervisors expect and are willing to support. 

Membership:  Chair and Vice Chair of County Board, the Chairs of the Public Safety and Health & Human Services Committee or their designees, the Sheriff or his/her designee, and Jean Burgener (representative from the 51.42 Board).  

Support will be provided by County Administration with the assistance of the chairs or team leaders of the various task forces, panels and workgroups already underway. 

The task force reports directly to the Executive Committee. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To review and discuss recommendations from the task forces, panels and workgroups.
  2. To develop policy recommendations based on number 1 for action by County Board
  3. To prioritize the recommendations
  4. To create a financial plan for implementation of recommendations
  5. To develop a performance management contract for provision of services based on the recommendations adopted by County Board
  6. To have a long term facilities plan for the North Central Health Care Campus

Duration:  To begin no later than May 31, 2015 and completed by March 31, 2016.



Kurt Gibbs Chair   (County Board Chair)

Lee Peek   (County Board Vice-Chair)

Matt Hildebrandt   (Public Safety Committee designee)

John Robinson   (Health and Human Services Committee Chair)

Scott Parks/Chad Billeb (Sheriff/Designee)

Jean Burgener (Representative from teh 51.42 Board)



Deb Hager   (County Administration Staff)