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Purpose:  Study the needs for and to make a recommendation about the development of a regional morgue to serve the needs of Marathon County and other Counties in Northern Wisconsin.  Marathon County and other Northern Counties are currently provided service by morgues in Fond du Lac, Milwaukee and Madison for autopsies conducted by Forensic Pathologists and travel time and service availability have become an issue.  In addition to autopsies, facilities are needed for the storage of human corpses awaiting identification, autopsy and disposal by burial or cremation.


Membership:  the Task force shall be chaired by the Chair of the Marathon County Public Safety Committee (Supervisor Craig McEwen) and will include:

1.    Marathon County Sheriff, Chief Deputy or Captain of the Investigation Division: Captain Greg Bean (Investigations)

2.    Sheriff or Chief Deputy of another regional county: Sheriff Mark Westen (Langlade County)

3.    Medical Examiner or Coroner of a regional county: Scott Rifleman (Portage County)

4.    Representative of one of the regional health care systems: Dr. Michael Clark (Saint Clare's)

5.    Marathon County Emergency Management Director: Phil Rentmeester

6.    Funeral Director: Greg Zoromski (Peterson Kraemer Funeral Home)

7.    Representative of the Medical College of Wisconsin: Dr. Lisa Grill Dodson (Campus Dean)

8.    Person with expertise in business planning: Jim Warsaw


Duties and Responsibilities

1.    Quantify the needs for autopsy facilities and staff to perform them.

2.    Identify the need for the storage of human corpses under normal circumstances and in large scale emergencies

3.    Identify the partnerships needed to make a regional morgue work operationally and financially.

4.    Oversee the development of a business plan for a regional morgue including a financial analysis, governance structure and the employment of medical staff.

5.    Pull all of the information together and if the need exists, inform the Marathon County Board of the long term strategic goals and a shorter term tactical plan for bringing together the resources and support needed to develop a new cooperative venture.


Other Organizational Relationships:  The Task Force is expected to be in regular communication with the Marathon County Public Safety Committee, providing reports and getting direction from the Standing Committee.  Additionally, the Task Force will need to be in regular communication with our contiguous Counties (Lincoln, Langlade, Portage, Wood, Shawano, Clark) the frequency of communications will depend upon the stage of plan development.


Description of Timelines and Expectations:

1.    Meetings will begin in August, 2017.

2.    Members will regularly attend and actively participate in monthly meetings for one to two hours at a time and place to be determined by the Task Force Chair.

3.    The Task Force will deliver a recommendation on the development of a Regional Morgue to the Marathon County Public Safety Committee no later than their August 2018 meeting.