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Marathon County Zoning Comprehensive Revision Task Force to review and revise the Marathon County Zoning Ordinances:


Reporting Relationships: Make recommendations to the Marathon County Land Conservation and Zoning Committee (LCZC)


Mission/Purpose: Lead a community engagement process that ensures the revised Zoning Code implements the policy and administrative recommendations in a manner consistent with Marathon County and local comprehensive plans, develops zoning district maps in partnership with town officials and the community, and identifies track able outcomes of the zoning program.


Membership: The Task Force will be chaired by a representative of the LCZ committee and facilitated by Conservation Planning and Zoning staff.  Membership will be limited to 12 members representing the following interests:  County Board member, Board of Adjustment member, Town Board/planning committee member(s), farmer(s), local business owner(s), and developer(s)/builder(s), and other community organizations.


Member Terms: Task Force sunsets on May 1, 2016


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Understand the intent and purpose of current Marathon County zoning policy.
  2. Review and assess existing zoning code.
  3. Develop Zoning Code recommendations that support and promote  balanced land use strategies, economic health, and a sustainable natural environment.
  4. Ensure the new Zoning Code is consistent with other land use related ordinances.
  5. Incorporate communication tactics such as graphics and tables to help illustrate regulations and to streamline implementation and use by staff and all citizens.
  6. Identify and incorporate innovative zoning provisions where appropriate.
  7. Present report(s) to the LCZC  and Environmental Resources Committee (ERC) of the findings and a final recommendation of zoning code to the LCZC and County Board.


Description of timeline:

  1. Begin meeting by March 1, 2015
  2. Present recommendations for Zoning Comprehensive Revision  to the LCZC by January 1, 2016
  3. Assist LCZ with final draft recommendation  to ERC; to be submitted to County Board for approval by March  2016


Task Force Membership

  • Richard Duerr (Chairperson) – Town of McMillan/LCZ
  • Arnie Schlei – Town of Easton
  • Keith Langenhahn – Town of Marathon
  • Richard Lawson – Town of Wausau
  • Joe Pyzyk – Town of Bevent
  • John Bujalski – Town of McMillan
  • Don Genrich – Town of Elderon
  • Marilyn Bhend – Town of Johnson
  • Dennis Dieringer – Town of Spencer
  • Jim Servi – Town of Hamburg
  • Laura McGucken – Town of Rib Mountain
  • Kelly King – Town of Wien