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First NameLast NameTitleDepartmentPhoneExtMobileFaxEmail
Civil/Family*Clerk of Courts*Clerk of Courts715-261-1310
RickAbreuCity-County I.T. Commission715-261-6729
JamieAdamskiSocial Services715-261-7579
MatthewAdrianDistrict Attorney715-261-1111
JaimeAlbertiCorporation Counsel715-261-1138
GlenAldrichEmployee Resources715-261-1180715-261-0307
BrendaAlgerClerk of Courts715-261-1315
NancyAndersonUW Extension715-261-1231
VictoriaAnthonyHealth Department715-261-1943
AmyArbetanHealth Department715-261-1917
JonetteArmsExecutive DirectorADRC-CW715-261-6094
KrisBaguhnHighway Department715-261-1818
KeithBaineHealth Department715-261-1921
JohnBangartHighway Department715-261-1815
LyssaBassettClerk of Courts715-261-1366
DougBaumanClerk of Courts715-261-1320
MatthewBaumanSocial Services715-261-7611
StevenBaurConservation, Planning and Zoning715-261-6005
MaryBeckDistrict Attorney715-261-1099
JudithBecker-SmithClerk of Courts715-261-1277
AngelaBemowskiSocial Services715-261-7541
MollyBennettCounty Administration715-261-1406
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