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First NameLast NameTitleDepartmentPhoneExtMobileFaxEmail
ShelleyWellsCorporation Counsel715-261-1140
MistyWerbelowClerk of Courts715-261-1272
SarahWernerCredit Union715-261-7672
TheresaWetzsteonDistrict AttorneyDistrict Attorney715-261-1111
DarynWhiteCity-County I.T. Commission715-261-6713
JuliaWickeSocial Services715-261-7567
MariaWierzbaCredit Union715-261-7682
ChristinaWimmerMedical Examiner715-261-1136
PattiWohlfordSocial Services715-261-7632
PeterWolfCredit Union715-261-7685
KassidiWoodClerk of Courts715-261-1276
JamesWoodOperations & Maintenance SupervisorCentral Wisconsin Airport920-509-2661
MaiXiongClerk of Courts715-261-1314
MaikouYangSocial Services715-261-7546
BerYangSocial Services715-261-7515
Mai DerYangSocial Services715-261-7596
JenniferZastrowSocial Services715-261-7643
AndyZyndaCity-County I.T. Commission715-261-6708
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