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North Central Health Care

North Central Health Care (NCHC) is a public agency serving the counties of Langlade, Lincoln and Marathon. North Central Health Care, with its main campus in Wausau, has additional offices located in Antigo (Langlade Health Care Center) and Merrill and Tomahawk (Lincoln Health Care Center). NCHC offers outpatient, day hospital, community support and inpatient services for mental/emotional problems; vocational, life skills training, early intervention, housing and services for persons with developmental disabilities; and assessment, individual and outpatient group counseling, intensive programming, day hospital, referral for residential and inpatient treatment, and education for alcohol and other drug problems. Services for detoxification and for persons suffering from problems with gambling addiction are offered as well.

Mount View Care Center offers skilled nursing services at the main campus with a licensed capacity of 320. Persons requiring either short term or long term skilled nursing care because of complex physical needs, psychiatric and neurological diseases, dementia or behavior problems are served.

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