In the fall of 2015, the Marathon County Board of Supervisors approved Resolution #R-63-15 to secure a consultant to identify future needs and a service delivery structure for human services in Marathon County. Marathon County then issued a competitive request for proposals, and in February 2016 Morningside Research and Consulting (Morningside) was selected to conduct the human services needs assessment.

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A draft report from Morningside was released in July of 2016, with the final report released in August 2016.  The report included an assessment of the human services needs and considers the services provided to residents by the Marathon County Social Services Department, the Marathon County Health Department, North Central Health Care (NCHC), Mount View Care Center, and other community organizations.  In addition to the report, Morningside conducted a Human Services Provider Asset Assessment and map, to inform the Board of Supervisors regarding the service providers currently in existence in the community.

The Marathon County Board of Supervisors intends to use this needs assessment to prioritize the human services funded by the county and determine how those services are to be provided, including but not limited to whether or not Marathon County will continue to provide services to residents through NCHC or whether it will do so through a single county model. This draft Human Services Needs Assessment was presented to the Marathon County Board of Supervisors at a meeting in July 2016.  The final report will be considered by the board in September 2016 to develop its plan for the provision of services in Marathon County. 


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