County Road J Construction - Towns of Wausau and Easton

County Road J in the Towns of Wausau & Easton between County Road N and State Road 52 will be under construction in August and September.  Some work will begin on August 11th; the majority of the construction is scheduled to begin on August 22nd.  The anticipated weekly schedule is listed below;

  • August 11th - Remove the top layer of asphalt.  The roadway will remain open without pavement markings.  The asphalt that is removed will be recycled in the new asphalt that will be placed in late August and September.
  • August 22nd - Process the remaining existing asphalt into a gravel base for the new pavement
  • August 29th - Pave the lower layer of Asphalt
  • September 6th - Pave the upper layer of Asphalt
  • September 12th - Pave intersection and driveway connections to the new roadway
  • September 19th - Place gravel shoulders
  • September 26th - Install Pavement Marking and Remove Traffic Control signs and barricades

No Detour route is planned for this project.   The road will be posted as Road Closed - Local Traffic Only.  Access will be maintained at all times for residents and businesses located on County Road J.  At times traffic will be reduced to one lane with flaggers controlling traffic.

During construction, drivers can expect to encounter rough and dusty driving conditions and delays.  Driving through workzones can be hazardous for the motorists, hazardous for the workers and results in delays in construction completion as crews need to work around motorists; please use alternate routes when possible.

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Posted by Kevin L.