March 2, 2017

The review of deaths involving officers in Wisconsin is governed by Wisconsin Statutes §175.47.  According to this statute, the investigators conducting the investigation of an officer-involved death shall, in an expeditious manner, provide a complete report to the district attorney of the county in which the officer-involved death occurred.   The law does not provide for a specific timeframe in which the reports must be completed.  The district attorney then must determine whether there is a basis to prosecute the law enforcement officer involved in the officer-involved death.  If the district attorney determines there is no basis to prosecute the law enforcement officer, then the investigators shall release the report of the investigation.1 

The Marathon County District Attorney will follow Wisconsin law regarding review of this officer-involved death.  The release of information concerning this officer-involved shooting may compromise the integrity of the investigation and review of this matter.  The District Attorney will not comment or release any records during the investigation or District Attorney review of the reports in this matter.


1   § 175.47, Wisconsin Statutes






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Posted by Nancy S.