County Road NN Closure - Town of Marathon

County Road NN is closed due to a pavement failure at the culvert crossing at Kennedy Creek in the Town of Marathon.  The structure was originally planned to have a liner installed during the summer of 2017.  Due to a loss of soil during the wet spring season, the pavement experienced a failure and the structure will need to be replaced.

A replacement structure is currently being manufactured.  A temporary solution is not considered to be cost effective, therefore the roadway will remain closed until the new construction can provide a permanent solution at this site. 

It is anticipated the new structure will be replaced near the end of May and June.  Construction coordination efforts are currently ongoing for the site preparation, excavation and accommodation of various utilities at the site.

The site is approximately 2 miles west of US Highway 51 near the Town limits of Marathon and Rib Mountain.  A detour route is established using County Roads O, NN and R.

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Posted by Kevin L.