Road Work - County Road Q, Towns of Ringle & Reid

County Road Q between County Road J and State Highway 29 is planned to be under construction in June and July of 2017.  Crews will be recycling the existing pavement with a process called Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR).  The recycing phase of the work is anticipated to take 5-8 days to complete.  The recycling process requires a curing period before the final driving surface can be placed.  The curing period will last approximatly 4 weeks.  After the curing period, crews will place an asphalt overlay on the recycled surface, followed by new gravel shoulders and pavement markings.

During the project, the roadway will be posted with ROAD CLOSED - LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY signs.  Drivers should expect some delays when crews are working on the project.  All residents will be able to use the road to access their property during all phases of construction, however during the Recycling phase of the project, drivers may have to drive around the crew to access their property.  This recycling phase of work is anticipated to be 6-8 days at the beginning of construction.  All work is weather dependant. 

Please note, during the curing period no construction work is anticipated to be occuring, but the ROAD CLOSED signs will remain in place.  This is required as it is desirable to minimize traffic driving on the recycled surface as it cures and the roadway will not have pavement markings in place.

Due to the lower traffic volumes and mulitiple alternative routes around the project, a detour route will not be posted.

Thanks for your patience during construction.

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Posted by Kevin L.