2018 United Way Baskets

The ticket sale for the United Way Baskets is getting underway. We have 13 spectacular baskets again this year waiting for YOU! Tickets are on sale in several County departments and building. The price has NOT gone up. They are still $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. It’s a real bargain!


To view a post of the baskets and a description of each click HERE


Drawings for the baskets will be done on Tuesday, October 16th, as part of the County Board meeting. You can live stream it through the County’s website or watch it on Charter Cable channel 981.


You can buy your tickets from the following locations through Monday, October 15th at noon. The County Clerk's Office will continue selling until approx. 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 16th.

  • Aging & Disability Resource Center of Central WI, 2600 Stewart Ave, Ste 25., Wausau, WI – Tracey Baken

  • Conservation/Planning/Zoning Dept., 210 River Dr., Wausau, WI – Toshia Ranallo

  • Central Wisc. Airport, 200 CWA Dr. #201, Mosinee, WI - Julie or Dave

  • Courthouse, 500 Forest St., Wausau, WI - County Clerk's Office

  • City Hall, 407 Grant St., Wausau, WI - Kristan Denk

  • Health Dept., 1000 Lakeview Dr., Ste. 100, Wausau, WI - Chris Weisgram

  • Highway Dept., 1430 West St., Wausau, WI – Jan Schreiner

  • Library, 300 N. First St., Wausau, WI - Heather Wilde

  • Parks/Recreation/Forestry Dept., 212 River Dr., Ste. 2, Wausau, WI - Dave Patridge

  • Parks Operations, 900 Pardee St., Wausau WI – Greg Freix

  • Shelter Home, 7025 Packer Dr., Wausau, WI – Paul Mergendahl

  • Social Services, 400 E. Thomas St., Wausau, WI - Judy O'Keefe

  • Solid Waste, 18500 E. Hwy. 29, Ringle, WI – Meleesa Johnson or designee

  • UW Extension, 212 River Dr., Ste. 3, Wausau, WI – Nancy Anderson

THANK YOU to all the employees who helped prepare these baskets. The money raised will be used to help fund agencies who count on United Way's support to serve our community. United Way is making a difference!

If you have any questions, please contact Boly Vang (715-261-1456) or Mary Palmer (715-261-1401).

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