Seeking Proposals / Land Mobile Radio Equipment Repair, Service & Maintenance

Marathon County, WI is seeking proposals to provide a cost-effective, customer-oriented solution from experienced, qualified vendors to provide repair, service, and maintain Marathon County’s Land Mobile Radio Simulcast radio network. A cost-effective solution entails not only the actual cost of services to be provided, but very much includes the quality, level, scope and efficiency of the contractor’s service capabilities. A service contract is not effective if the County must expend large amounts of time and effort in monitoring the contract or in resolving order and invoice discrepancies. As such it is seeking proposals from qualified vendors who have extensive experience monitoring and maintaining microwave networks, ModUcom consoles, and QS2 systems provided by Tait.


It is the responsibility of all proposers to carefully read the entire Request for Proposal (RFP) which contains provisions applicable to successful submission and completion of a proposal. If you discover any ambiguity, inconsistency or error in the RFP, you must notify Captain Bill Millhausen. Only interpretations or corrections of the RFP made via email are binding. You shall not rely on interpretations or corrections made in any other way. All requests for interpretations or corrections must be received by Marathon County no later than ten days prior to the deadline for submitting proposals. Request for interpretations and responses will be posted to the web site that the original RFP was posted to.


RFP Marathon County LMR Maintenance

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